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Understanding and Calculating Alimony in Pennsylvania

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One of the more common concerns of those who are involved in a divorce and alimony issue is the level of support that they will be receiving in return. In Pennsylvania, alimony is given to those who have been paying a spouse who has had an affair. The alimony can also be given to a divorced spouse who has tried to mislead their former spouse about their income to continue to receive support.

The concern for those who have received alimony has always been that it was the wrong decision to make the decision to stay with your spouse if you were not happy in the marriage. While this was not the only reason for the divorce, it was one of the reasons that made it necessary for a judge to provide a ruling on the alimony issue. Whether or not you agreed with this is up to you.

The Pennsylvania Divorce and Alimony Law are very strict about who receives alimony. If you have been paying your spouse for ten years or more, and you get a divorce, then you are automatically given the chance to receive some form of alimony. However, if your spouse still lives in the same house you lived in, and you have changed the locks on the doors and windows in the residence, then you have to file for an order that you get divorced so that you can ask for alimony. Your spouse is not allowed to pay for your mortgage, any car payments, or any other bills on your behalf.

The amount of alimony that you will receive is limited, however. There are situations where your spouse may receive more than the amount that you are entitled to receive. There is also a small fine that you have to pay if you cannot pay the amount that you were ordered to pay. This fine is for the courts to enforce the terms of the divorce.

In some instances, if your spouse is employed outside of the home, then there may be an increased chance that he/she will be able to receive alimony. If your spouse works for his/her employer and is doing what is expected of them, then you are usually guaranteed that you will not receive as much as if you had stayed at home. There are also exceptions for parents who are raising their children, and if your spouse has a good job that provides a substantial amount of income for them, then you may be entitled to receive more alimony than you were previously promised.

There are many questions that are asked by those that are involved in a divorce and alimony. The most important thing to do is to talk to a family lawyer and gain knowledge about the laws. Also, talk to your spouse and learn what was agreed upon in the agreement. If you need help you may want to consider Voelker & Kairys. Voelker & Kairys is an established and accomplished Pittsburgh law firm that specializes in family law and estate planning and administration.